Types of Programs for Students

The modern world changes fast, which makes many people feel insecure, as they fail to adapt to the circumstances and face constant difficulties. Is there something that can become your life jacket in the ocean of instability?

The answer is positive and simple. Your most powerful tool to ensure your safe position in life is a good education, which guarantees you a well-paid, interesting, emotionally rewarding job, social benefits, and personal spiritual growth. But what are the steps you must take in order to get it?

There are several types of academic qualifications that differ considerably in the sphere of application, content, requirements and time commitment. In this section we will consider them in terms of the academic award:

  1. Undergraduate programs are usually a part of post-secondary education, which leads to the first academic degree of a Bachelor’s level. They mainly take four years of study. Certain programs, such as Architecture, can take five years, while some subjects, such as medicine and law, do not presuppose an undergraduate level degree. More information on this type of program can be found in the Undergraduate programs section.
  2. Postgraduate programs postgraduate level of education can be represented by Master’s degree programs and Ph.D. programs (or Doctoral level education). The Master’s degree usually means that a person possesses advanced knowledge both in theory and research practice, as well as for analytics, critical evaluation, and independent thinking skills. As the Master’s degree is generally a postgraduate kind of degree, a necessary prerequisite for admission to the Master’s program is a Bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of Master’s degree programs can become the basis for admission to Ph.D. programs. Ph.D., which stands for the Doctor of Philosophy, is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities and is the highest an individual can get. It usually means that the person has an appropriate qualification to become a university professor and has carried out profound scientific research. Detailed information on the peculiarities of this kind of program can be found in the Postgraduate programs section.
  3. MBA programs another type of advanced qualification is a relatively new degree, the Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.). This is an academic award that can be granted to people with different academic backgrounds after the successful completion of the program on business administration, which actually means the scientific approach to business management. If you are interested in getting this degree, you are welcome to view our MBA programs section.

You are welcome to view peculiarities of different places where one can get the above-described degrees in the Types of establishments section.

In order to find out more about the admission process peculiarities, you are free to look through our Admission process page.

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